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At BK Fitness we help you to create a positive mindset towards health and a strong and healthy body through a holistic and lifestyle approach to your wellbeing. We educate you and give you the tools to build ongoing habits to support your goals and create a balanced lifestyle. We strive to make exercise enjoyable and something you look forward to doing every day. 

We offer a unique training experience unlike any other. Inspiring you to always do your best and achieve incredible goals and results through supporting you in all aspects of your life.



Brianna Kennedy

I have always grown up being active, playing sports and dancing. Once I started going to the gym I fell in love with weight training and how it made me feel... strong, empowered and capable. I soon found a purpose to go on and share my passion for exercise and movement with others. I take a personable approach to my coaching to build strong relationships with my clients. I am honest, to the point and will not let you hold yourself back from stepping into your full potential. I promise to support you, challenge you and guide you throughout your journey. And I will always be your #1 hype girl.


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Sam S

“Worked with Bri for almost a year and definitely recommend. I’ve always struggled with staying on track and keeping motivated and even since my first session with Bri (which was a struggle 😂) I saw progression week by week and she would keep it fun but hard hard at the same time. Some tough love. “




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